Positive living spaces in villages and towns

The attitude of the inhabitants of this region is positive.  Census for fixed criteria or polls have determined that the 11 communities of the Eastern cantons are part of the areas in Belgium most worth living in, and that the citizens are very satisfied with their quality of life. This explains why so many natives work abroad but live here, or why foreign citizens settle in local communities but continue to maintain their workplace in their native country.

Belgium's villages and cities have a high quality of life. The infrastructures of this region are one of the most complete in all of Belgium. In the healthcare industry, 250 physicians with 478 beds care for 92,000 inhabitants. The density of physicians is 1 physician for 368 inhabitants, or 2,72 physicians for 1000 inhabitants.
4 nursing homes are available.

Even though residing in this area means living in a rural area, one is never far from large cities. In the North of the canton of Eupen, a trip to Aachen, Maastricht, or Lüttich is very short.
Five international airports are located within a radius of approximately 100 km.

In the south of the Eastern cantons, the distances are only slightly longer, e.g. to Trier, Luxembourg City or the airport.

In spite of the rural structure, the city centers of this region are always near.

To the North, the city of Eupen with its 17,000 inhabitants. Two smaller city centers in the south, Malmedy and St. Vith, also offer everything required from a modern city.

In the country, suburb-like life and modern homes, still close to nature. One can enjoy the advantages to be found by relaxing in nature, directly outside your own door.
There are not very many overcrowded areas in East Belgium. The villages exemplify the high quality of life of this area.

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