Predominantly Catholic

The East Belgian population is predominantly roman-catholic. Some smaller, protestant communities also exist.

The catholic church of the diocese Lüttich (Liège)
East Belgium and its 52 parishes is part of the oldest Belgian diocese Lüttich (1.040.297 inhabitants (in 2006), 70,400 of which are German speakers)
70.02% of the inhabitants of the province of Lüttich are catholic. The average number of Sunday church attendees is 10%, but this varies significantly between all regions. Within the German Language Communities, active religious church attendees exceed 30%.

In the year 2001, for the first time in Belgian history, a priest of the German Language Community was appointed bishop: Dr. Aloys Jousten (born in 1937), from Eibertingen near Amel, speaks – like many East Belgians – all three official languages, German, French and Dutch.

The Diocese:

Evêché de Liège–Bistum Lüttich
rue de l'Evêché 25 - 4000 Liège -  Tel.: 04 230 31 50 - Fax: 04 223 70 87

The Deanships:

The East Belgian church is grouped into four deanships, of which Eupen-Kelmis and Malmedy coincide with the cantonal borders:

Eupen, Kelmis, Lontzen, Raeren
Malmedy, Weismes
Büllingen, Bütgenbach
Amel, Burg Reuland, St.Vith

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