Education and professional training: foundation posts and the base of success for tomorrow’s society

Maybe it is the multitude of influences or East Belgium’s multinationality, which brings a significant focus to these two areas. Multilingualism is a very important element, in particular in regards to business-oriented work.

Growing up in two languages, graduating maybe in four languages – such situations are not uncommon in East Belgium. It is not amazing that the majority of the population speaks at least one of the other two legal languages, either French or Dutch, besides their native language German, and English is also a very common foreign language for all Belgians dealing in business.

The educational system of the German language community includes approximately 16,000 pupils at 55 schools, which are divided into elementary, secondary, advanced, and night schools. Lifelong learning gains increased significance and is supported by the ministries of the German language community. 26 recognized public schools and adult education organizations are committed to this. In the Canton of Malmedy, 31 facilities are available for students and pupils.

The practice oriented and dynamic education and continued education in companies is popular with many young people, if you think about the fact that seven times more vocational trainees are educated in companies in the German language part of the country compared to Walloon. Trade still has the “golden ground“...

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