“East Belgium, in the heart of Europe”

is not a stereotypical advertisement phrase. Not every region claiming this slogan can prove these arguments:
After all, 20% of the European spending power of the extended European union is located within a radius of only four trucking hours.
From here, more than 40 million consumers are reached in this radius.

The immediate vicinity of the European urban centers and the most important economic centers, like the Ruhr area in Germany, the regions of Aachen, Lüttich, Brussels and the immediate vicinity of the Grand Duchy Luxembourg are the most important factors for the local, East Belgian, economic life.

The affiliation with the Euregions “Euregio Maas-Rhein“, adjoining our area to the north and the “major hub Saar-Lor-Walloon-DLC“ to the south have by now established themselves as true advantageous locations. The people of this region also enjoy the benefits of this European, well-functioning neighborhood.

>> Gastronomy: something for every taste

>> Conferences, seminars, celebrate in a calm environment
>> East Belgium and its tourism organizations
>> Central location, great traffic connections…

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