Business needs an advantageous environment for optimum development

Trade and industry are located in East Belgium in many different ways.  The former geopolitical situation has always demanded special requirements of East Belgium businesses.  Adjustment and flexibility, transregional and transnational activities were and are self-evident.

With Europe's continued unification and an increased internationalization of markets, such skills gain importance.

East Belgium's future lies in the development of Europe.  Its central location within the Euregio and within the European internal market, an excellent railway and roadway infrastructure, the close proximity to the airports of Lüttich, Maastricht, Brussels, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Luxembourg, and the future TGV train stops; open this enormous and continuously growing market to local businesses, which can reach and service this market within just a few hours.
The regionally focused identification, the down to earth attitude of local entrepreneurs, is surely also another advantage.

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In East Belgium, a total of 18 zones bundle a large number of businesses offering manufacturing and other services.
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