Editorial: our intent and us

Ideas, occasion, strategy ...

When local businesses think about ”East Belgium“, a small, humble idea can grow into a large initiative.
Which is what happened when we were thinking about bundling and designing external ideas, impulses of various businesses and comments from like-minded people.
The invitation of the minister of the German Language Community (November 2004) to actively participate in designing the future of the GLC was to be the occasion to transfer the idea into action:

Colleagues of the “talk2us“ Internet team were the first to support the GoEast.be-initiative, the concept of which, up until that time, was developed by Erwin Kirsch.
By creating the website for the Chamber of Trade and Commerce, a new synergy developed.
Joint goals in the interest of East Belgium were clarified.

The Unternehmens- und Steuerberatungsgruppe Treuhand (thg – consultancy and tax advisory group) was spontaneously available to support this new initiative.
According to the motto “from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs“, the Internet presentation grew into an all-encompassing project.

The strengths of the economic location of East Belgium, with the characterizing skills of the local population, their performance and innovations were to be presented, supported and marketed.

... and goal

“Promoting Eastbelgium”: Promoting the location and the entrepreneurial spirit, impulses for an economic revival, connecting business here and worldwide.
The initiators

A promotional organization was founded for the implementation of this initiative, which will execute the production and marketing of the Internet presentation and all other business initiatives.
An advisory board of local businesses supports and advises this initiative.
The partners

Besides the Chamber of Commerce Eupen-Malmedy-St.Vith and the THG group, many leading East Belgian companies support this initiative. As premium or marketing partners, they share our goal of developing the location of East Belgium and to positively market the image of the region.

Thus backed and energetically supported, we are proud of this joint initiative.

Erwin Kirsch and the GoEast Team

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